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Expert Mice & Rodent Removal Services in Grandview Heights, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas 


Expert Mice & Rodent Removal Services in Grandview Heights, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas 

When the weather turns cold each year, mice start looking for places to be warm and build nests. While they are working on building their nests, they might chew electrical wiring, remove insulation from the walls of your home, and expose your family to disease. If you have seen signs of even a single mouse, you need to reach out to the team at Critter Removal right away. We can help you to get your property back to its former pest-free condition.

Rodents open your family up to illness, and their ability to cause damage to your home can create the chance for a fire or other kinds of weather-related damage to your property.

Distribution: Mice can enter your home through cracks that are as small as ¼ inch in size. Their nests are often made up of things like rags, paper, and wood shavings. Nests are typically about 4-6 inches in diameter and shaped like a loose ball. Mice often elect to stay about 10-50 feet from their nests, which means that where there are nests, there are going to be mice.

Mice like to place their nests near food sources. This means that the walls behind your kitchen or near your garbage cans are the perfect place for mice to call home. Mice have poor eyesight and light to track the edges of walls with their whiskers as they get around. You will be most likely to see mice walking along the walls, and they will usually freeze if they notice you, hoping that you will just go away.

Where you see a single mouse, there are bound to be many, many more. This means that the first sign of rodents is an indicator that your rodent problem is well established. The team from Critter Removal can help you get access to the local knowledge and skills necessary to take care of your pest problem for good.

Why Choose Us for Mice & Rodent Removal in Grandview Heights, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas?

  • Certified Experts

Our team of certified experts has the training and experience necessary to tackle your mouse problem without issues. We ensure that we are using the most current techniques so that our pest removal efforts are successful every time. Maintaining certifications and training is essential to the quality of our work.

  • Comprehensive Solutions

When you have rodent problems, you don’t want to have to worry about them coming back over and over again. The team from Critter Removal can offer you access to humane trapping and removal services, but we can also repair damage and provide sanitation services as well. Getting your home back to its former condition is a matter of pride to us.

  • Guaranteed Results

We stand behind our work. If pests return to your property, so do we. We are confident in the services that we can offer you, and we will come back over and over again as necessary to make sure that your home remains pest-free. Our exclusion services and repair services help back up our trapping skills so that you don’t have to deal with rodents moving back into your home again.

  • Local Knowledge

Our local knowledge makes us the perfect company to hire to resolve a rodent problem in Grandview Heights. We are familiar with the pests that you are going to be dealing with in this part of the country. This knowledge makes it easy for us to handle your pest problem efficiently and properly. Knowing a lot about the kinds of rodents that you are likely to have to live on your property sets us apart from the pest control services businesses without this expertise.

  • Prompt Response

We will not let our customers deal with pest problems for any longer than necessary. We are happy to come to your location right away to evaluate the problem and determine what needs to be done to resolve it. We are happy to get to work on your rodent problem right away so that you can get back to enjoying your home and property without worrying about pests.

Our Mice & Rodent Removal Services in Grandview Heights, OH

  • Effective Mice & Rodent Trapping and Removal

Our team has the years of experience that are necessary to ensure that your pest problem can be resolved with ease. We use the most effective and most current techniques and keep our staff up to date on improvements to technology and trapping methodologies. This makes us very good at our job and helps you to afford to access our services to tackle your mouse problem.

  • Mice & Rodent Cleanup and Sanitation

Mice and rodents can make a big mess when they are busy creating nests, and they can also bring disease into your home. Many homeowners are tempted to clean up nests and rodent messes on their own to try and save money. However, without the right gear and sanitation products, this can be a big mistake. You can count on us to tackle the cleanup process correctly so that you and your family are not exposed to illness.

  • Property Restoration

Property restoration services are a big part of our rodent control process. We can repair rodent damage, and we can offer you access to exclusion services to keep pests away for good. The combination of humane trapping, cleanup and sanitation, repairs, and exclusion services that we offer resolves pest problems for the long term.

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Don’t let your rodent issues allow your family to be exposed to the risk of fire or disease. You can count on the team from Critter Removal to help you tackle your pest problem the right way. Our combination of effective services will keep rodents away from your property for good. We are happy to come to your location and offer you an estimate for our services. We offer affordable services that you can trust and that really work.

What our clients Are Saying

Critter Removal is AWESOME!! Would use them again in a heart beat! Reasonably priced, Great service both in office and technicians ( Way to Nate!) Just a great RELIABLE company. A++

Marcia August 29, 2022

They did what they said they would do. Is great job.

Edward Richards August 11, 2022

We were dealing with a pretty bad squirrel problem. They were causing damage to my soffits and gutters getting into their nest in our attic. We had a previous company come out, insist it was a raccoon and simply put a cage in our bushes. Meanwhile the squirrels continued to do their damage, leaving their route into our attic crawl space wide open. About 4 weeks later and having to listen to constant scratching and chewing from these squirrels, he simply collected his empty cage without follow up, and having to pay upfront first ( 500 + dollars for a cage and a peanut butter smear) Luckily after an email asking to maybe do something more, they just sent a refund. So we were back to square one, I called critter control and they came out the next day. They installed a one way door in the hole they were using to access their nest. In and out in about 30 minutes. Payment wasn’t due until after the issue was handled. We saw immediate results. In less than a day our squirrel friends had moved on to a new home somewhere not in our attic. Friendly, fast, and professional. They may not be the least affordable option, but the results were fast and we were very happy

Tammy Link July 18, 2022

The technicians came to my home, inspected the area, setup a trap, very professional, great job

Richard Hall July 8, 2022

Very professional. Good follow up.

William Fisher July 4, 2022

Returned my message within the hour., Listened to my situation and Explained the cost process. .Scheduling was very quick. Gentlemen that showed was on time, seemed very knowledgeable and answered ALL my questions . Received my quote quickly. Everyone from office to on site employee were very professional .

Janice S May 22, 2022